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Rethinking Innovation Policy – response to RFI

Last week I posted a series of comments on my blog, The Intangible Economy, on the questions posed by the Commerce Department’s RFI on the Administration’s Strategy for American Innovation (see here, here, here, here, here, and here.  On Friday, these comments were submitted to Commerce in the forms of a paper entitled Rethinking Innovation Policy and is available on the Athena Alliance website.

The paper notes that the President’s Strategy for American Innovation and Request for Comments/Request for Information provide an important framework for thinking about U.S. innovation policy. However, both the framework presented in the Strategy and as articulated in the set of questions contained in the RFI are too narrow in their scope. Many of the comments included in this response refashion the questions to broaden the focus. The response urges the Commerce Department to use the study to undertake a broad analysis and rethinking of our innovation policy. The restated questions contained in this response are an attempt to articulate a starting point for that analysis.

I hope you will find it useful in stimulating your own thinking — and will spark discussion and debate on the future direction of our innovation policy.


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