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Privacy and Security

It’s probably obvious, but I’ve never seen anyone talk about the connection between privacy and security.  Without one, the other isn’t possible.

Consider “the privacy of your own home”.  What would that privacy consist of without locks for the doors, or without doors for that matter?

The offline world has a rich history of security techniques, processes, and conventions that broadly permit privacy.  Locks and keys.  Identification.  Ways to detect tampering.

The online world is much newer and rawer.  In some senses the “ecosystem” of security online is a monoculture consisting of encryption, or maybe encryption and digesting.  Guess someone’s password and you can invade their private areas with impunity and, in many cases, undetectably, or at least undetectably for some time.  That can’t happen offline because even a key to a lock is only part of the security ecosystem that underpins offline security.

We need fundamental research into new methods and modes of security and identity online.  We need the online equivalent of Venetian blinds, of unfalsifiable powers of attorney, of notaries.

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