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Consolidating the Multitude of Reports Calling for Boosting U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness

A groundswell of policy papers have called for the creation of a national manufacturing strategy to bolster U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. These reports contain a number of thoughtful and innovative policy proposals to revitalize American manufacturing. In the interest of advancing this dialogue, ITIF takes this opportunity to consolidate all these reports in one single location for easy access by policymakers, executives, and the public at large. If you don’t see your organization’s report here, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list. We hope this serves as a useful public resource.

Information Technology and Innovation Foundation – The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy

The White House – A Framework for Revitalizing American Manufacturing

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology – Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing

Department of Commerce Manufacturing Council Advisory Committee – Manufacturing Policy Recommendations

IDA Science & Technology Policy Institute – White Papers on Advanced Manufacturing Questions

National Association of Manufacturers – Manufacturing Strategy For Jobs and a Competitive America

National Association of Manufacturers – Manufacturing Resurgence

The Association for Manufacturing Technology – The Manufacturing Mandate: A National Manufacturing Strategy to Help Rebuild and Strengthen the U.S. Manufacturing Sector

Alliance for American Manufacturing – Our Plan for American Manufacturing

Council on Competitiveness – Ignite 1.0: Voice of American CEOs on Manufacturing Competitiveness

Council on Competitiveness – Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

MIT – Survey of Federal Manufacturing Efforts

MIT – Roundtable Report Out on The Future of Manufacturing Innovation–Advanced Technologies; Video from Roundtable on The Future of Manufacturing Innovation

AFL-CIO, Industrial Union Council – Manufacturing Insecurity (by Joel Yudken)

AFL-CIO – Manufacturing Renewal is Central to U.S. Economic Recovery (Organization’s Official Manufacturing Statement)

AFL-CIO – Manufacturing Our Way to a Stronger Economy (Testimony of Leo Gerard to Senate Commerce)

Greg Tassey –  Rationales and mechanisms for revitalizing US manufacturing R&D strategies (Journal of Technology Transfer)

NDIA – Maintaining a Viable Defense Industrial Base

McKinsey Global Institute – Translating innovation into US growth: An advanced-industries perspective (Requires free registration).

Athena Alliance – Intellectual Capital and Revitalizing Manufacturing – Intellectual Capital and Revitalizing Manufacturing

Accenture – What’s Your Plan for 2025?

Milken Institute – Jobs for America

McKinsey – Growth and Competitiveness in the U.S.–The Role of Multinational Companies

McKinsey – Building the Supply Chain of the Future

Conexus – Manufacturing and Logistics 2010 National Report

The Economic Populist – Why Manufacturing is Central to the Economy

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Manufacturing at the Crossroads


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  • Kenan Jarboe

    Here is another one from a little over a year ago –Intellectual Capital and Revitalizing Manufacturing

  • pmraetsch

    Here is one from the ASME -Manufacturing at the Crossroads. posting. Meanwhile the House Republicans would like to reduce R &D etc.