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Privacy Fears and the Census

As the 2010 Census gets underway, many people continue to raise privacy objections. While most of these objections are just to government collection of data in general, some relate specifically to technology. As I’ve written before, unfounded fears such as these have even led the Census Bureau to backtrack on using technology like the Internet to collect census data, which would help lower costs and increase the response rate. Check out this video from that contrasts the privacy objections of some individuals with the benefits of conducting a well-run census.


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Daniel Castro is vice president at ITIF. His research interests include health IT, data privacy, e-commerce, e-government, electronic voting, information security, and accessibility. Previously, Castro worked as an IT analyst at the Government Accountability Office where he audited IT security and management controls at various government agencies. He has a B.S. in foreign service from Georgetown University and an M.S. in information security technology and management from Carnegie Mellon University.